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Our years of knowledge and experience, have come together to make an entity that you can Trust.

We do not just adapt your business! We contour it, shape it, and improve it. Until it becomes alive.

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Innovative Platform

One of OCEANX’s departments that specializes in creating innovation platforms for both government and private sectors, by designing, managing, and implementing innovative programs to transform ideas into reality. We focus on meeting the needs of creative and entrepreneurial minds to develop their projects successfully.

bluedotConsulting Solutions

  • Evaluation and analysis through studying the current situation assessment and research for collecting data. And summarizing the research status defining the responsibilities and project design.

bluedotImplementation and management of projects

  • It is established by studying,determining the orientation and preparing strategic, implementation and marketing plans for the project. It is operated by providing staff,mentors and activating the plans.
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Organizational Businesses

One of OCEANX’s departments which provides management advice; To contribute to develop the organization, solve problems and know their causes, as it provides a distinctive experience for the customer by providing solutions with the latest scientific and practical methodologies, and using the best practices and tools that help raise the organization’s capabilities, and ensure the sustainability of its institutional excellence


  • Human resources services.
  • Business process management.


  • Establish the PMO.
  • Operating and knowledge transfer.
  • Providing and qualifying human resources.
  • Preparing periodic reports and providing advisory studies.
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Startup Development

One of OCEANX’s departments that focuses on the development and empowerment of the KSA’s business sector by providing various services and all means of support to think tanks and start-ups and all means of support for emerging and developing entrepreneurs. To contribute to achieving their goals and aspirations and the sustainability of their projects and overcoming the challenges and problems that may face them to reach the highest success levels.

bluedotEntrepreneurs in establishment stage | PRE STARTUP

  • Feasibility Study.
  • Financial Plan.

bluedotEntrepreneurs in starting stage | STARTUP

  • Accounting Services.
  • Operational Models.

bluedotEntrepreneurs in growth stage | GROWTH

  • Valuation.
  • Investment File.

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