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Eng.Ibrahim Alzuhaimeel

Co-Founder and CEO of OCEANX

A financial advisor with an MBA from Griffith University – Australia. He’s a certified valuer of economic facilities from the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers, and a manager and advisor of many incubators and accelerators in Saudi Arabia.

Consulting Team

Davide Capitanio 

Managing Partner

A strategy consultant with more than 11 years of experience in Strategy and Innovation across Europe, North America and the Middle East. He’s specialized in supporting cross-industry organizations with the setup and orchestration of Innovation Strategies, Open Innovation Programs, Ecosystems, and Leadership Programs.  

◦ Started his career as IT & Digital Strategy Consultant  

◦ Supported Entertainment and Retail organizations in reshaping their Business Strategy 

◦ Engaged in designing and growing Innovation Departments and Ecosystems  

◦ Involved in setting-up different Open Innovation initiatives 

◦ Overviewed Research and Innovation Centers activities 

◦ Worked in designing and executing Leadership Programs  

Sarah Alzuhimeel



An innovation and entrepreneurship consultant with over 10 years of experience. She has contributed to the establishment and operation of more than 35 projects, including business incubators and accelerators, and worked on developing and building various strategies for innovative programs and conducted numerous feasibility studies for entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, she has created and enhanced entrepreneurship programs, participating in several committees to review and evaluate projects related to business incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurial competitions, she delivered over 50 workshops on topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship within innovative programs targeting entrepreneurs and startup owners, in collaboration with both the public and private sectors. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from King Saud University, in 2013.

◦ Worked on developing and building various strategies for innovative programs
◦ Worked on several feasibility studies for male and female entrepreneurs in the Kingdom
◦ Building and developing programs for entrepreneurs
◦ Participation in several committees for screening and evaluation of projects related to innovation platforms (incubators, accelerators, competitions, and entrepreneurial challenges)
◦ Presented numerous mentorship sessions in programs directed to start-ups in the field of entrepreneurship
◦ Gave countless workshops specialized in innovation and intersecting with entrepreneurs in developing their start-up projects

Marwa Jazi


Market Research

As a certified member of the Esomar association for international research, she has acquired more than ten years of experience preparing detailed plans and reports using the latest primary and secondary research methods and data analysis. In addition, she has experience in content marketing and advanced digital marketing.

◦ Preparing detailed reports using the latest methods of primary and secondary research and data analysis
◦ Working on an annual field research targeting more than 80 CEOs of major companies in the Kingdom to obtain their most prominent future views that serve Saudi’s business sector
◦ Preparing detailed plans to determine the most appropriate research methods for various projects with government and private entities
◦ Designing surveys, questionnaires, and discussion topics for personal interviews and focus groups after a deep understanding of the client’s need and in a manner that serves the research objective of governmental and private projects
◦ Achieving the goal of the Market Research department’s obtainment of membership accreditation from international bodies, such as the European Esomar and the American Insights
◦ Building technical offers to apply for projects in the field of planning and development at government and private entities in Saudi Arabia
◦ Working on managing live coverage of the most important local conferences